MERCO Industries (Pty) Limited

Sieves, Filters and Miscellaneous Products

We also supply:
  • LABORATORY TEST SIEVES and SCREENS in 200mm, 8", 300mm and 450mm diameter, both full height and half height, in ISO standards such as ASTM E-11, BS-410, DIN and SABS 197-1971.

  • NYLON and POLYESTER MESH and FILTER CLOTHS with openings ranging from 0.001mm (1 micron) to 12.5mm.

  • WELDED MESH with large openings welded from thin wires, such as 25mm openings welded from 0.65mm wire diameter.


  • GALVANISED STEEL WELDED FLOWER NURSERY MESH with openings of 127mm x 127mm, FLOWER WIRE and FORIST WIRE in various colors and diameters.

  • FILTER, STRAINERS, PACK-SCREENS, FILTER DISCS and CIRCLES of woven wire cloth to customer specifications.

  • WIRE All types, including- thin wires in diameters of 0.9mm and thinner, either on spools or in coils, in materials such as: soft annealed plain mild steel, soft annealed galvanised mild steel, tinned iron wire, green and blue annealed flower wire, stainless steel type 304 and stainless steel type 316.
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