Expanded Metal

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Expanded Metal

Expanded Metal is formed using a metal press which slits and stretches the plate to expand the slits into diamond shaped openings surrounded by interlinked bars of metal. These metal plates are mainly manufactured and stocked in carbon or galvanized mild steel but can be manufactured in stainless steel or aluminium depending on the specification required. 

Standard Expanded Metal

Standard Expanded Metal

Flattened Expanded Metal

Flattened expanded metal

Standard expanded metal is often referred to as raised pattern expanded metal.  Flattened expanded metal is when a standard expanded metal specification sheet is cold flattened and run through a leveller to give it a smooth, flat surface.  This process elongates the sheet and reduces the thickness of the standard sheet by about 5%.

Standard or flattened expanded metal is manufactured in single sheets with no welds or joins making the product strong and rigid while allowing for maximum air circulation. 

This material is extremely versatile as well as being economical and durable.