Perforated Plate

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Perforated Plate

Perforated Plate

Perforated plate is a form of sheet metal which has been punched or stamped with a machine to create a pattern of holes.  It is very durable making it ideal for use in diverse filtration and screening applications.   Sheets are generally 1200 x 2400mm or 1000mm x 2000mm in size with an unfinished end pattern but special margins can be supplied providing specifications are within the range of tolerance of the perforating machines.

Square Hole Perforation

Patterns of Perforated Plate

Round Hole Perforation (Staggered or Straight)

Round hole perforations in staggered or straight rows are the most commonly used pattern for perforated plates.  This pattern allows for a large open area while maintaining strength and durability.

Square Hole Perforation

Square Hole Perforation (Staggered or Straight)

Square hole patterns allow for a larger open area with a high strength to weight ratio making it perform better when filtering bulkier or heavier materials.

Slotted Hole Perforation

Slotted Hole Perforation (Staggered or Straight)

This pattern type is not so commonly used as the round or square hole pattern but is sometimes preferred for filtration of grains, seeds and certain liquids including wine.